About Me

Currently, Dontae Rayford is the VP of Business Development at January AI. January AI is a health, wellness, and fitness organization out of Menlo Park, California. The company believes every day provides a person with a fresh start and fosters self-improvement as a team sport rather than something a person needs to achieve one day on their own. To achieve these goals, the company offers tools and insights to help people take charge of their own health in actionable ways. It also aims to reduce the high cost of chronic medical conditions by providing people with tools to avoid the onset of such conditions.

He also serves as a Board Member for Soup. Soup is an organization that's focused on solving the housing crisis in the Bay Area of California. It aims to find solutions for problems as far-reaching as education and poverty as well as homelessness, access to education, and global health. In addition, it aims to both inspire and mobilize others to take action in a people-focused way.

Dontae Rayford attended Stanford University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology in 2007. He then pursued additional education by enrolling in New York University's Stern Business School. He completed his Master of Business Administration there in 2014.


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